💡Lightbulb Demo


The lightbulb demo demonstrates a simple dapp integrated with Vea. The switch lives on Arbitrum Goerli and the Lightbulb lives on a different chain, either Chiado or Goerli, and they communicate with Vea.

Try it out! Don't have Arbitrum Goerli eth? No problem, there's a faucet for that.

User flow

1. Hit The Switch (Arbitrum Goerli)

2. Wait for Vea

The status of the Vea bridging process and whether your messages have been bridged can be tracked in VeaScan. You can find the messageId associated with the switch transaction in the event log.

When the Vea devnet has bridged your message, you can find your message in a recently bridged 'snapshot'.

3. Wait For Relayers

Now that the message to turn on the lightbulb is ready, we can relay it manually, or we can wait for relayers. For the demo lightbulb deployment, we have relayers setup to run 5 minutes after bridging. For your own lightbulb deployment and other Vea integrations, you will need to relay the transactions yourself.

The Final Result

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